Community Risk Reduction

The Community Risk Reduction Division is overseen by a Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal and is responsible for maintaining a safe environment in the Chino Valley through a professional balance of education, engineering, community outreach and compliance.

Community Risk Reduction is divided into three sections to better serve the public: Community Development, Community Compliance and Community Preparedness. Each section is overseen by a Deputy Fire Marshal.

Community Development ensures all new construction in the Chino Valley is code compliant. Community Development is actively involved in the planning and review process of all new construction. Staff works with developers prior to building design to ensure code requirements are understood and met. Fire District personnel review plans prior to construction and issue permits for varies construction related projects. Once plans are approved and permits have been issued, inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with approved plans, codes, and/or standards.

Fire Inspectors conduct maintenance inspections on all existing occupancies throughout the Chino Valley to ensure fire code compliance and fire and life safety standards continue to be met.

Community Compliance ensures fire and life safety within varies existing facilities throughout the District, by performing maintenance inspections. The District has a variety of complex occupancy inspections from assembly, manufacturing, and storage. The section also oversees the District’s Vegetation Management program. Vegetation can pose as a fire hazard, especially during the dry and windy seasons. To minimize the threat of hazards, the Fire District conducts inspections twice a year related to vegetation management.

Another role of Community Compliance is fire investigations. A fire investigation is launched to determine a fire’s origin and cause. Chino Valley Fire District Fire Investigators are highly trained specialist that use a systematic approach and knowledge of basic fire science to conduct their investigation. Fire Investigators are also trained to gather evidence for prosecution in the event a fire is arson related.

Community Preparedness empowers the public with knowledge so that they can prepare for any type of emergency situation. Community preparedness promotes fire and life safety education to all segments of the population and works in partnership with community groups, volunteer organizations, non-profits, our local schools and community leaders. Community Preparedness oversees the Fire Districts social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.