Urban Search & Rescue

The Chino Valley Fire District Urban Search and Rescue Team consists of 30 highly skilled members that are trained and ready to provide a coordinated response to a variety of disasters in urban environments.

About the Team

The Fire District’s USAR team is a medium level OES Response unit. Team members continually train with teams from the surrounding area and can respond to a variety of incidents throughout the region. Response capabilities include rope rescues and locating and extracting victims trapped in collapsed structures, confined spaces or trenches.

Urban search and rescue team

The USAR team carries a wide variety of tools and equipment that includes shoring and cribbing materials (wood and other items that are used to reinforce walls or secure heavy objects in place), and a 12 and a half foot inflatable boat with a 20 horse-power engine for swift water rescues. The USAR team also has a search camera that allows members to view up to nine feet inside a hole and/or voids where victims may be trapped, and to verbally communicate with victims during a rescue through a special talk back feature on the camera.