Swift Water Rescue

Water Dangers

Some areas of the Chino Valley are prone to flooding during the rainy season. There are lined channels with vertical and angled sides, open creek areas, and low-lying areas that pose a threat. Some of the Fire District's water rescues have been highlighted on national news channels, magazines, television programs and local news media outlets.

Team Training, Equipment, & Experience

The Chino Valley Fire District Urban Search and Rescue Team is trained in Swift Water I and II level classes, vertical channel rescue, flood management, and boat handling.

The District has equipped every fire response vehicle with water rescue helmets, flotation vests, rescue throw bags, and other equipment. The District also operates an inflatable rescue boat equipped with a 20 horse-power engine.

Members of the Chino Valley Fire District USAR team conduct various training exercises throughout the year to keep current and enhance their swift water rescue skills.