Why earn “Pressure Points?”

Blood loss is a leading cause of death for trauma victims. Death from blood loss, especially from arm or leg wounds, has been identified as a potentially preventable cause of death. Immediate actions for life threatening bleeding should be centered around the application of aggressive direct pressure while a public access trauma kit is retrieved. Striving to earn “Pressure Points” is a constant reminder to all that aggressive direct pressure may be required to help slow or stop bleeding while a Public Access Trauma Kit is retrieved.

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1. What is a BleedSafe Community and why should my community be designated a BleedSafe Community?
2. Why earn “Pressure Points?”
3. Is the Bleed Safe Community Program a Training Class?
4. Does the BleedSafe Community program sell Trauma Kits?
5. How can businesses/establishments within the Chino Valley inquire about obtaining a free trauma kit and free training?
6. How are public access trauma kits funded within the Chino Valley?
7. What equipment should I include in my Trauma Kit?
8. What is a BleedSafe Establishment?
9. Who can apply to become a BleedSafe Community?
10. Is there an application fee?
11. Where did the recommendation to develop "Bleed Safe" communities come from?
12. When was the Chino Valley Bleed Safe Community Program established?