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Drowning is 100 % preventable, yet is the #1 cause of death for children under the age of five. The majority of drownings occur in residential swimming pools and spas, so remember, only a momentary lack of supervision puts a child at risk. Below are the ABCs of pool water safety. By learning these water safety tips you and your child will learn how to prevent drowning.

Adult Supervision

Adult supervision is the key to pool safety. Have an adult assigned to supervise children that are in or around a swimming pool or spa area at all times. Always maintain constant eye-to-eye supervision with children that are in and around a swimming pool. Remove children from the swimming pool and spa area for any distraction such as a telephone call, use of the restroom, etc. Floaties or other inflatable flotation devices are not life jackets and should never be substituted for adult supervision. Ensure any adult responsible for the children know the emergency services telephone number and your local address.


Putting up and maintaining barriers around your pool could save a life. Install a self-closing, self-latching fence enclosure that isolates your swimming pool and spa from the home, play areas, etc. Use multiple layers of protection, such as safety covers, gate alarms, door alarms, and motion-detection devices. Inspect these devices regularly to ensure they are in working order. All chairs, tables, large toys, or other objects that would allow a child to climb up to reach the gate latch or enable the child to climb over the isolation fence should be removed or kept inside the fenced area.


Becoming educated on pool safety and emergency responses are excellent ways to keep yourself and others safe while swimming. Learn how to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid, and rescue techniques. Keep rescue equipment such as a shepherd’s hook, life-saving ring, and CPR sign mounted by the pool to instruct others. Enroll your child in swim lessons to ensure they learn emergency response skills as well.

If you are interested in learning CPR through the Chino Valley Fire District, please send us a contact message!

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