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Chino Valley Fire District

2024 Firefighter/Employee of The Year


Ethan Sanders

Firefighter of the Year

Ethan Sanders, Firefighter/Paramedic/Engineer

Ethan is a dedicated and seasoned firefighter/paramedic who came to the Chino Valley Fire District in 2011 after serving as a firefighter at another local fire agency.

Ethan’s professionalism and dedication to public service was immediately evident. He was promoted to Engineer on March 27, 2021.

Ethan’s fellow firefighter/paramedics overwhelmingly supported his appointment as firefighter of the year because of his work ethic, approachability, and genuine concern for the safety of both the public and his team.

Ethan’s influence extends far beyond his primary role, as he proudly serves in various capacities within the Fire District. Ethan’s roles include Urban Search and Rescue Coordinator, CERT Coordinator, and active Chino Valley Professional Firefighters E-Board member.

Additionally, he participates in the safety and clothing committee, serves as the lead for Wildland Personal Protective Equipment, and actively participates in numerous off-duty activities benefiting the Chino Valley.

As an inspiration and a role model for aspiring firefighters, Ethan continues to exemplify the highest standards of professionalism and selflessness in the fire service. His contributions both on and off duty make him a true leader, deserving of the title “Firefighter of the Year.”

Ethan Sanders
Donna Rohrer

Employee of the Year

Donna Rohrer, Administrative Assistant

Donna joined the Chino Valley Fire District on May 16, 2015, as a part-time Office Technician and transitioned into a full-time Administrative Assistant position in April 2022.

Throughout her tenure, Donna has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the Fire District’s core values of Faithfulness, Integrity, Respect, and Excellence. Donna oversees operations at the Fire District’s Training Center and plays a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency of essential functions. Her administrative support of Training Center Suppression Staff, EMS Captains, and our EMS Nurse ensures seamless coordination and support.

One of Donna’s key responsibilities involves guaranteeing that firefighters remain current on their EMS certifications. She not only designs training curricula and promotional tests, but also developed a comprehensive directory of services utilized by Emergency Communications Nurses at our dispatch center, streamlining operations for enhanced effectiveness.

In addition to her responsibilities within the Training Center, Donna serves as a Community Liaison Officer (CLO). In her role as a CLO, Donna responds to emergency incidents, such as fires or other catastrophic events, to provide invaluable assistance to displaced families. She coordinates with organizations like the Red Cross and other local agencies to ensure displaced families have a place to go and something to eat following an emergency incident. Her unwavering support and empathy contribute significantly to alleviating the challenges faced by affected families.

Donna’s impact in the Chino Valley extends to community programs, including the HeartSafe and BleedSafe community programs. Donna was an integral part of designing the training curriculum for those programs, which empower community members to be first care providers before emergency responders arrive. She also designed the Hometown Heroes challenge coins, which are given to survivors of sudden cardiac arrest.

Beyond her official duties, Donna actively participates in various Chino Valley Fire Foundation events, exemplifying her commitment to community engagement and support. Her dedication, compassion, and tireless efforts make her a truly deserving recipient of the Employee of the Year award.

Donna Rohrer