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Chino Valley Fire District

Our History


A Rich History in
The Chino Valley

Chino Valley Fire has a rich history in the Chino Valley, with very humble beginnings.

House fires were always a serious threat because people relied on lanterns and candles to light their homes instead of electricity.

There was no fire department in the area for several years, so the only way to stop a fire was by luck and a neighbor’s ability to help.


In The Beginning

On May 25, 1895, while meeting to plan a large 4th of July celebration, a group of businessmen began talking about organizing a fire company and purchasing a hose, hand pumps, and hook-and-ladder cart.

The meeting resulted in the formation of Chino Fire Company No. 1.

    The Early Years

    A fire commision was established in 1910 when the city of Chino was incorporated. The first fire commissioners consisted of three city council members; Bill Tebo, Bill Houlihand, and J.C. Reher. The newly appointed commissioners set out to obtain more equipment for the department. In 1918, the department received a Lambert-Ford 800 gallon-per-minute pumper that was stored at the Seventh and D Street Cart House.

    Growing Years

    In March 1954, the city and rural fire departments moved into their new station at 13251 Central Avenue, making the area the new "Civic Center."

    The firemen built the bunk beds, office files, and storage space designated for first-aid equipment, hoses, and fittings.

    A New Era

    In 1935, Chino city administrators determined that the city was unfairly carrying the burden of fire protection for rural residents because the city paid for protection, but rural residents did not.

    In addition, city administrators stated that every alarm in the rural district took city-funded fire protection services away from city residents.

    Progress Continues

    The 1980s brought growth and prosperity to the Chino Valley. Increased residential developments and new businesses created the need for additional fire personnel and two new fire stations.