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Chino Valley Fire District

Therapy K9 Program


Meet Riley

Chino Valley Fire is committed to the emotional well-being of our firefighters and administrative personnel.

A Therapy K9 program was established in September 2023 as part of the Fire District’s overall mental fitness/wellness program to assist our personnel following stressful incidents on or off the job.

The Fire District adopted a Labradoodle named Riley from Rebel Ranch, formally known as Paws for Success, in 2023. Riley is certified as a Canine Good Citizen by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and has undergone extensive training that includes socialization at our fire stations and in the communities we serve.

Riley is assigned to Captain Matt Gonsalves, who continues formalized training with her two to three times a week.

Riley assists our personnel following stressful incidents. When needed, Captain Gonsalves and Riley will visit our firefighters at their fire station after traumatic calls so that our firefighters have a positive outlet for the emotions that come with responding to difficult 911 calls.

A dog often times helps break the ice and makes it easier for people to open up about what their feeling after a stressful or traumatic incident. Research shows that the simple act of petting a dog relieves stress and helps reduce anxiety.

Riley’s presence in our administration offices, at fire stations, and at our training center has increased moral, reduced stress, and improved overall communication.